Terms of Use

Cancellation terms, as well as modification terms are a subject of each shipping company policies. Our agency is obligated to comply with the terms of the shipping companies and holds no liability over their terms. There is an extra charge by our agency, in addition to the shipping company charges, when processing your ticket.

In case of a ticket amendment, one must inform our agency in writing or visit our office. Otherwise, our agency cannot take any action and the traveller will be held liable for not proceeding with the amendment. In case of a route change (only where it is permitted), the fare of the new ticket must be equal to or greater than that of the replaced ticket. Our agency does not refund service fee of a ticket which is cancelled or modified. Tickets can be cancelled or modified also in the shipping companies’ port agencies.

Ticket not received: If you have not received your ticket yet, you can contact us via email sending to reservation@ferry-travel.gr for cancellation or amendment. The terms are a subject of each shipping company policies. The amount will be refunded to the card or PayPal account which was used to acquire the ticket.  

Ticket received: If you have received your ticket (also known as boarding pass), it is mandatory to send it to us or bring it to our office. The amount will be refunded to the card or PayPal account which was used to acquire the ticket. If the ticket is lost, the traveller will not be entitled to a refund. Tickets that were amended to “open” should be used in the same year.   


Ticket Cancellations

Tickets are only canceled by the issuing agencies.

Tickets cannot be canceled by phone, fax, or e-mail. Those interested must submit the tickets to the issuing agency.

Tickets issued by Seajets’ online booking system and not issued can be canceled even by e-mail if sent by the e-mail address stated in the booking form.

Refunds to canceled tickets are made by the issuing agency, up to 1 year from the date of cancellation of the tickets and in exceptional cases by the local cooperating central agencies.

– Up to 14 days before departure: full fare refund

– Up to 7 days before departure: 75% fare refund

– Up to 12 hours before departure: 50% fare refund

– The fare is NOT refundable for cancellations made less than 12 hours before departure.

The same terms apply to tickets purchased through our website, but you can apply for cancellation by e-mail, which must be sent at least 1 business day before the respective cancellation deadlines, and which will contain the exact details of booking. In case the ticket is already printed, it is necessary to present it to Seajets or to the central agent of the departure port.

Open date Tickets (OPEN)

Tickets can also be converted into open date tickets at least 12 hours before departure. For our conventional ships, tickets can be converted into open date tickets up to 4 hours before departure.

Open date tickets can be replaced with tickets of another date on any of our routes, if available.

Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of their conversion to an open date.

Open tickets are not canceled, and no partial or full refund can be made.

Tickets that have replaced open-date tickets cannot be canceled or converted into open-date tickets.

During the process of replacing open tickets, a fare difference is not refunded but in case the new ticket is more expensive, the difference is collected.

To convert (a ticket) to an open date ticket, it is necessary to present the ticket to its issuer, at any of our central agencies or at Seajets.

Ticket loss

In case of ticket loss, we must be informed at least 1 hour before the departure of the ship either by phone (+30 2284024616) or by e-mail (reservation@ferry-travel.gr ). To travel, the passenger must purchase a new ticket and then declare the loss in writing  stating the date of the trip, the itinerary, the number of the lost ticket, the number of the new ticket purchased and a photocopy thereof. If according to any shipping company  records there is no evidence of the tickets having been used for the voyage within 1 month from the date of trip,  will provide a free ticket of equal value with the lost one.

Delay or cancellation of an itinerary for reasons of force majeure

Our office is not responsible for delays of the itinerary, deviation, and non-compliance with normal course due to bad weather or orders of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine and Port Authorities or due to force majeure made with the main concern of passenger safety. In case of unfulfilled itinerary due to force majeure (e.g. ban on departure due to adverse weather conditions) our company refunds the entire value of the ticket and only that.

Further Disclaimer

Our agency is not responsible nor has a liability for any issues, actions, situation etc., which is not directly related to the purpose of our existence and our services, including:

  1. Force majeure such as weather conditions, strikes etc.
  2. Overbookings that are related to errors of our suppliers’ operation
  3. A lack of availability
  4. Extra charges applied by shipping companies
  5. Destruction of property, injury, financial loss resulting from our suppliers’ actions or from force majeure
  6. Any other aspects which might occur and are not related to the nature of our services

Other Important Terms

Each user has the obligation to read and be familiar with our terms of service. User must be no less than 18 years old to use our services. An adult is responsible for the actions taken by a minor, if he/she is using our services on his/hers behalf. Our agency has the right to change the terms of use at any time without any notice.      

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