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Information about Paros Port

Paros Island features a small port which is easy to navigate. You will not have any trouble finding the gate as there are only three of them. If you are reaching Paros Port by car or bus from another location, be aware that there might be traffic. Most of the time there are two ships docked in the port and that has as an outcome a traffic jam.

To reach the port of Paros from other locations on the island you can use the local bus line, a taxi or a transfer service. It is useful to know that the local bus line has the final stop right next to port gates. If you choose a taxi or a transfer service, we suggest you make an appointment the day before. If you have a rental car, you can drop it off at the port after communicating with the rental agency.

We suggest you arrival 60 minutes before the departure.

You will not experience any difficulty in finding your ship due to the fact that the port is quite small. You will see it after all as you will first arrive on Paros Island. 

After acquiring a ferry ticket from you will receive an email which includes, among others your personal information and reservation number.

This is not a ticket yet. You will have to visit our office in order for us to print it. You can also print it in any travel agency in Greece which handles ferry tickets.

For example you can go to any travel agency in Greece that handles ferry tickets, show them the email from and ask them to print you the ticket. There might be a handle fee of about 1€.  

The fastest ferry trip from Paros to Koufonissi takes 2 hrs and 35 minutes and the longest takes 3 hrs and 30 minutes.

Information about Koufonissi

Koufonissi is situated south of Naxos Island and it is a part of the Small Cyclades complex. There is also Kato (down or lower) Koufonissi located a few kilometers away to the south of the “main” Koufonissi. Additionally, you might have heard the term “Koufonissia” which defines as a total, four island: Koufonissi, Kato Koufonissi, Glaronisi and Keros. Therefore, you understand that those islands are close to each other. 

Probably the best way to get to your accommodation from the port is to arrange a transfer with the reception of your hotel. On Koufonissi there is only one bus line and one taxi (of course this might change), as everything is accessible on foot. 

Koufonissi is a small island and therefore it features only one bus line from the port to Finika beach.

On Koufonissi you will find only one taxi (this might change), as everything on the island can be reached on foot or by bike.  

Ferry from Paros to Koufonissi
Ferry from Paros to Koufonissi

What to do and see in Koufonissi?

Koufonissi or Ano Koufonissi is the smallest inhabited island of Cyclades. This fact gives it a charm by itself. However, its fleet of fishing boats is the largest in Greece, when counting it per local resident. You really need only your feet or a bike to get around this island. There is only one settlement, its capital and then there are the beaches with a few accommodation or a tavern. What is Koufonissi famous for, is its beaches with amazing colours and some of them have caves. Let us present you few of them.

First of all, there is Pisina (the pool), situated on the east coast of Koufonissi. It is a hole in the rock next to the sea, which forms a natural pool-like environment with sea water. It is quite big and it can host several people.

Second natural attraction of Koufonissi is the famous To Mati Tou Diavolou (devil’s eye). It is situated near Pori beach however the cave is not easy to find. Therefore, ask the reception of your hotel to show you where exactly it is.

What to discover in Koufonissi?

Tripiti is another natural attraction that you must not miss when enjoying vacation on Koufonissi Island. It is kind of a collapsed rock which forms a small beach and that is why it got this name; Tripiti translates approximately as “a hole”. You can seek it also as Gala Beach, with Gala translating as “milk”. This is the name given by the visitors of the island. Again, Tripiti can be found near Pori Beach, on the east side of the peninsula.

Xylobatis Caves is anther amazing sight north of Pori Beach. It is more interesting if you could see it from the sea level using a boat. However, if this is not an option, visit it on foot anyway.

Ferry from Paros to Koufonissi

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