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Information about Paros Port

Paros Island features a small port which is easy to navigate. You will not have any trouble finding the gate as there are only three of them. If you are reaching Paros Port by car or bus from another location, be aware that there might be traffic. Most of the time there are two ships docked in the port and that has as an outcome a traffic jam.

To reach the port of Paros from other locations on the island you can use the local bus line, a taxi or a transfer service. It is useful to know that the local bus line has the final stop right next to port gates. If you choose a taxi or a transfer service, we suggest you make an appointment the day before. If you have a rental car, you can drop it off at the port after communicating with the rental agency.

We suggest you arrival 60 minutes before the departure.

You will not experience any difficulty in finding your ship due to the fact that the port is quite small. You will see it after all as you will first arrive on Paros Island. 

After acquiring a ferry ticket from you will receive an email which includes, among others your personal information and reservation number.

This is not a ticket yet. You will have to visit our office in order for us to print it. You can also print it in any travel agency in Greece which handles ferry tickets.

For example you can go to any travel agency in Greece that handles ferry tickets, show them the email from and ask them to print you the ticket. There might be a handle fee of about 1€.  

The fastest ferry trip from Paros to Milos takes 1 hrs and 45 minutes and the longest takes 5 hrs and 25 minutes.

Information about Milos

Milos Island is probably the most popular destination of West Cyclades. It is also called by travellers as the lovers’ island, as it is visited mainly by couples. The island’s port is called Adamas. It is interesting to know that the bay where it is located, consists one of the biggest natural “ports” in Greece.     

To reach other locations of Milos Island, you can use the local bus line, taxi, transfer service or car rental services. You can ask the rental agency to deliver your car to the port. 

If you choose the local bus line to get to your destination from the port of Milos, it is important to know where the starting point is. As you will disembark from the ferry and reach the road, turn right and walk for a few hundred meters you will see the buses.

Taxi in the port of Milos can be found next to the bus stop. As you will disembark from the ferry and reach the road, turn right and walk for a few hundred meters you will see the taxi.

ferries from paros to milos
ferries from paros to milos

What to do and see in Milos?

Milos Island is famous for a few interesting aspects. First of all, there are the beaches. The most popular one is called Sarakiniko. Its environment reminds travellers of a Lunar surface and this is a beach like no other in Greece.


Secondly there is Kleftiko, which is not exactly a beach but a few sea rocks with interesting formations. There are daily cruises organized to Kleftiko and you will have the chance to dive directly from the boat. The coastline of Milos is quite big and therefore, you will find countless beaches on the island which satisfy every taste.


What is interesting about Milos Island is that its capital is not Adamas but a small yet beautiful village called Plaka. It is built on a hill and therefore it features stunning views of the sea. A visit here is definitely recommended.    

What to discover in Milos?

Catacombs of Milos is a “must visit” of the island, along with Sarakiniko beach. Catacombs were underground burial chambers, used around 1st. century A.D. They are open for tourists and you can combine a visit here with a trip to Klima Beach. This is where most of the colorful houses of the fishermen’ are located. The “garage” like space that you will see below the houses are actually used for storage boats. You will find a few of the houses also in Fourkovouni area. 


There is one more settlement which is quite interesting and beautiful. It is called Pollonia and you will find it on the northeast side of Milos, opposite to Kimolos Island. You will find many caique boats docked in the small bay and of course, there are many taverns, cafes and a beach.     

ferries from paros to milos

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